What mean #drivingfast ?

You may know that we have different speed limits all over the world. In the most countries you have limits on all roads.
So the only way to drive fast is going on a race track.

But what do we mean when we say driving fast?
Is it a speed above 150mph? Or more than 200mph? Or is 80mph already fast…?

The best experience for this is going to germany and driving on the autobahn. One of the places in the public world where you’re allowed to drive as fast as your car can go – on the most parts.

As you know I am often in germany. Not long ago I drove there and a white swedish Audi tried to chase me down. We drove a long time “together”. It was fast (as you can see in the video):

But let me say, more fun is to drive on twisty roads. This country side roads are really special. I plan to trie that out… Stay tuned and follow to know where 🙂

Thanks for subscribing,
cheers Artalos


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