The absolute dreamcar

Do you know the feeling short before you get to something exciting? The feeling when you know that there will be something bing in the next days…

I think one of those moments should be, when you´re next to your dreamcar. Or when you are the lucky one who can drive it.

And this excitetment will be double when your suprised by such a moment:

I was on tour and looked while I´m driving on my right-hand side. And what was it what I saw? something very low, black and very sporty… so I made a U-turn and had a closer look: Yeah, it was an black LFA!! GREAT 😀

I parked the car, went in and had a look: WOW WOW WOW and just WOW this Lexus LFA is such a dreamcar. I stand there, breathtaking. Then a guy came to me and said: Great one or? Would you like to buy or drive it? And I said Yeah what about the price… 🙂 OK, I made a video, couple of photos and that was all. It is not only an icon, it is priceless… especially for me 😉

The video:


2 thoughts on “The absolute dreamcar

  1. I followed your link to Youtube and took a look. Nice shapes (did not know the car until now) but I wouldn’t buy it because of the spoiler. In the related I also looked at the comparison of the McLaren – LFA – Lambo and their fastest to the Veyron. I must say: I’d (concerning the decent look, the shape etc.) buy the McLaren.


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