Getting started

I thought about to show you, what are my gadgets for filming cars, writing about cars and how to make photos.
In the time when I startet, I searched the Internet how to get the “right” tools. I wasn’t sure about the camera, how often do I have to deliver content and so on. So I did not start.

After a while I thought, just make a couple of videos and try to start. So I took the stuff I already had and startet. And I bought stuff when I feld, that I can’t do it with my equipment.

In the series “myGadgets” you can read about every single gadget.

The most important thing: to be on time. So you need a clock. I decided to buy a Citizen. The perfect clock for me: always ready and I haven’t to care about. (Always on time? > myGadgets: )

The second important thing is to be always ready. That means you have to care about battery time, about to have all of your equipment together. (How do I take my stuff around? > myGadgets)

And the third important thing is the quality – of the content and of your presentation. For your “customers” this thing is the most important – above all others. No one likes to watch rubbish videos.

So check out the myGadgets posts and check out, what I am using.


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