Speed? What about speed?

We all know about speed. We all know, that speed is thrilling, that speed isn´t everything, that speed is fun and that speed is dangerous. Some of us are addictet to speed, other not. No matter what speed means for you, there are different types of speed. If you have sex, speed is the most time not what you want (oh really? f**k :-)), neither on a racetrack.

If a pedestrian walks through a street, he may hope that the car which can´t break anymore, isn´t to fast…

So what means speed for you?

And the more reliable question, how can you see, feel, taste, make or reduce speed? Of course you are reading a car-guy thing, so it is about cars 🙂

You can see it on your speedo (oh sorry officer, it wasn´t my intent to drive 100mph faster than allowed, but my speedo is breakdown). But do you know what I love? OK you know already, because of the post-picture:

I love to see these stripes on the exterior where the air flows over your car. that means not that you are fast, but you where fast… not long ago.

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