Jaguar F-Pace

It is always nice to get a phone call or an email with an invitation to a car event. So we did get some of these things for a first look on the #Jaguar #FPace .
The first one we saw was a blue one. This blue was stunning and brilliant. Then we get in and they had a red one – stunning as well. Do Jaguar sell this car in boring-german-colors like silver oder black? 🙂
The red one was packed full of extra options, but it was nice. It is a car as big as a Macan. But it looks more sporty. The interior is very nice and from good quality – but not superior. So is the price – it starts with something about 40 grand.

And you get some very cool things: So you can turn the floor of the trunk for different things to transport. The back seats are moveable, the navigation system is really nice and so on.
The most crazy thing is the board that come from under the car when you open the door for a better entrance.
As expected you will not get the biggest engines on it and it will not be the fastest car. But that isn´t really necesarry. So for 50 grand you will get a very nice #SUV .


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