Honda Civic Type R or the agressive hot hatchback

Some days before I wrote down this lines, we had the possibility to take a look on the 2016 #Honda #Civic #TypeR .
Historical is Honda for building engines as well as do it very perfomant: See #V-Tec . And Honda is famous for building extraordinary #sportscars, like the #NSX or the #S2000.

No one has Honda on the list of sportscar builder today. That means, when you are thinking about sportscars, there is not Honda the first on it. But with the new NSX they will leaf a mark on this list.
And they do not forget the Type R Editions. I always remember the #Acura Type Rs in Need for Speed.
So we stand in front of the Civic – and it is so different to all the fotos. When I saw it on a foto I always thought, that it looks a bit cheap and to agressiv. But in real life it isn´t. It looks not agressiv but fast and very much like a racetrack. And it says I play with the big ones.
I liked the seats very much, because they are bucked seats with a great feeling of “I hold you in every corner”.
Form the back there is a statement with the exhaust (quad) and the diffusor. There is no doubt, that it is a fast car with a lot of grip.
So we decided to try to get a testdrive and have look as well as check out, what´s really about the exhaust 🙂
So subscribing to getting more stuff – not only about the #Civic #TypeR


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