What is the diff between old and new cars?

A lot of people say, that older cars are more beautiful, better built and shouldnhave a longer lifecycle. Modern cars are to streamlined, to much electonic stuff and a lot are finished after a couple of years. So a lot do not think, that we will have oldtimers from modern cars: there are just hard to repair. When you can’t buy the electronic components you are not able to repair a modern car.

Or is that wrong, because of changing materials and building things better? Every one did know that an older car shouldn’t stop and start again, modern cars have an auto-stop for the engine. Producers say that a car can handle this a thousand times. Or take the launch control, Porsche built it in a way, that you can use it all day long…

I think a lot of older cars are cool, because they are build simple. The are looking diferent and they are something like exotic. But individuell driving will change, it have to change. So may it is the battery-electric car, may it is the fuelcell or whatever, but it will be electric. And then there are nearly no maintance necessary, except the battery and the less mechanical things – similar to the BMW i3 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGM3uywgZPY).

What do you think?


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