Maserati Levante – The SUV

Since every big carmaker builts SUVs the exclusive ones do it as well. After the #Cayenne and #Macan even #Bentley builts the #Bentayga.  In my opinion no one ia really nice or more practical as a station wagon. And there are only a fews to going really off road (or sometimes off the road)…

When the most people uses their SUVs as city cars, you will have parking problems, damn high petrol uses and no one can see thriugh your baby-truck.
And an SUV has so much sport in it as an sportscar has off road capabilities.

But when I would buy an SUV, the #Maserati #Levante is one of it. I still like Maserati. The GranTourismo is one of the cars with the most elegance. And if I had to chose between an 7 series BMW and an Maserati Quttroporte… I don`t need an moment to think about 😉
And Maserati is one of those brands taking care of their fans – even if you are not an customer: #levantelaunch

So we were at the #levantelaunch event and enjoyed a very nice evening. Maserati had done everything to had an successfull evening. And the levante has again this elegance and sportiveness what you except from an Maserati… So may the first real SUV? What do you think?


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