Eco Downsizing or Powerboost with Turbos?

In europe they have since a long time very hard #ecological rules. So they have to seperate the rubbish in glas, plastic, paper, biological and in all-other. So the idea is to reuse the most of these stuff. With glas or paper it will be possible but the rest? However, you may ask yourself: Damn what is he talking about? Wasn´t this all about cars…?

Yeah right: They also have rules how much and what stuff your #exhaust is allowed to blow out. For sound-emissions there will be rules from the near future on.
That means that the carmaker have to change something: An #AMG #V12 with 500 horsepower will not match the rules for engines and the emissions they produce. So they have to change something: One of the carmaker cheated with software (may others as well?) and others startet to change ther concept of how the engines produces power: So the triumphal procession of the #turbocharged engines startet.
So have a look what #Fiat #Abarth gets out the small #Fiat500 engine or what is possible with ecutek on a #Volkswagen #Golf #GTI .
I am not sure: I do like the natural aspirated engines a lot, it is like a scalpel. You can take exact the power you need from the engine. With an manual #gearbox it is the purest fun of driving.
With a turbo you will have power and torque a lot. And you don´t need such an big engine. But I think it isn´t about using less gasoline.
Do you like the #turbopunch ? Do like more to drive in a straight line or more to cut corners?
I think we do not have a chance to drive for all time combustion enginges, but it has a change with some good advanteges for us. Otherwise I have to drive #TGV or #Shikansen for a speed of #180mph …
Your thoughts?
Thanks for reading, subscribing and joining my youtube-channel,
cheers #Artalos


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