Golf R – Beast?

So I am not sure what to think about the Golf R… Is it a Golf GTI XL or is it more a real sportscar with the Jacket of an Golf…?
Over 300 bhp and four wheel drive is a very good statement.
It has four full seats and is a very normal “Golf all day car”.

So lets drive: four exhausts, a race mode and hard fahrwerk is a rezept where you can cook with. So lets cook. From the moment of turning it into live it says fun! Putting the pedal to the metal means entering the heaven of acceleration. So he can go forward like a beast an driving through corners (not a strengthness of hothatches) isn’t so bad…
I have not to write about the interior and quality, there is wrote much about it. But is there something negative?
Yes, unfortunately there is: of course it will not win an ecological award. And the biggest dissappointment is, that it “stops” accelerating from 230 kph. It hat six gears and the last one is without power after the turbo stops working from about 5000 rpm. So it has no power for more speed or it will take a while…
As an alternative there is the Renault Megane RS or the Seat Leon Cupra as well as the Honda Type R and the Ford Focus RS.

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