What is an ecological sportscar?

Sport means in the sense of cars #speed, #grip, #purity and a street like a #racetrack (or a racetrack). So if you have enough grip and power you can #drive #fast and with a lot of #thrill. That´s what #cardriving is for the most of car #enthusiasts is about.
And what everbody of us accept is to use fuel for the eninges. That is not very #ecological and it is with every step harder to get more #power and less #fuel-consumption.
So in the near #future we will have an #oil / #fuel problem: it will be empty.
May it is an option to stop driving and using #bycicles, #trams and #trains… just joking 🙂
No, serious what options do we have today? All #future #technologies aren´t as far as they should be, except the #hybrid. But the #hybrid-technology is more at the end of its #lifecycle then on the beginning. And there are only three #car-manufactures seeing this. And not only that the try to be prepared, they have already market placed products:
The #Toyota #Mirai, the #Honda #Clarity and the #Hyundai #iX35 are the ones of a new generation. May be #fuelcell is not the perfect technology, but there is no other at the moment. Pure #electirc #driving is no option when you are not only driving within the city. No one likes driving from #Melbourne to #Perth with an electric car. Even in Europe you can´t drive in once from #Amsterdam to #Paris. And #charging the car every 2 or 3 hours for about 20 to 40 minutes is not really good. Even when you can drive more miles, it will not solve the problem.
So I think the best option for today is a good consumption engine (of course #naturalaspirated :-)) with power but not too much so you have a good fuel effiency or a hybrid: Like the #Lexus #RC300h. We had the chance to drove one.
The concept is very interessting: It is a very #luxury #sportcoupe with a good engine supported by a good electric one. It is most of the time the perfect #GranTourismo for 2 people. You can use the backseats, but they are not really big. Even the trunk is really useful. But it is no #funcar and it is no #trackcar.
So it is more for driving relaxed and you can do a lot of miles. What do you think about #fuel-economy and #sportscar? May you know the Lexus RC 300h?


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