A smart phone? Yes a smartphone

The most of us had one  since years: a smartphone. If the statistics are not a lie, then you will have an android. And some of you are using an iOS device. Doesn´t matter what, because I will tell you the story of my way to find a new one.

I was used to a Nokia E7 with Symbian. A great phone with a lot of potential, but a couple of years old. So for all the social media stuff and for good content (photos as well as videos) it must be a new one:

The Samsung J3 Duos 6 Version 2016

It is a typical Samsung smartphone with a dual SIM and a microSD card slot.

It is a great phone: all the menu and apps are fluent. All third party apps are absolutly fast and the best thing is the camera.

Double click on the home-button and the camra is instantly ready. That is great for direct-filming or photos. As good as the camera is the battery. With a bit of a feeling you can use the phone two days.

The only thing with a smartphone is the display and the dangerous that this will broke or get a scratch:


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