Prototype – great cars never build?

I try to get all the informations about the Toyota FT-1. The sistermodell from BMW is not yet released. It is all about design and details. The engine is a secret because they are not as far with the development. On the other side there is the Acura NSX where everything is made public: engine, design, suspension and so on… but a lot of prototypes showing in the press or on automotive shows are never really produced.
The thing that I do not understand is, why do the car manufacturer not try to put a technology leader car in the market and places all the thing time after time in the market?


They try it a little bit: the best example in the last years are the annoying assistance systems in the newer cars… the put them first in one or two models and then after that in a couple of models.
In the 90th had Mitsubishi with the 3000GT one of those technology leader. Everything that could imagine where build in and where used later in other models or cars.
So at the moment there are less technology leader and more different designed cars with the same platform: this is cost saving – the only thing that counts?


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