Very Important Customers?

When you compare what car manufacturer are doing for their customers, you will see a big difference.

Some are doing a lot marketing stuff with photos, videos and they are represented in different racing events and on social networks. That is the way of them to get in touch with customers or fans of the brand. Than they have showrooms, where you can go and look at these cars. The benefit for you? Nearly nothing… Even if you are a customer: The initiative is all yours.

And then you have the other car manufacturer. Some are not so popular or do not have very high selling units.
So the have to do a lot that the customers and fans of their brands are bounded to them. A classical branding strategy. But cars are all about emotions. So as a car manufacturer you have to bring the cars to the people. Maserati is doing this with the Maserati Summer Tour. Jaguar walking among the same way and named it: The Art of performance

What do you think about emotional and customer orientated car manufacturer?


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