Hill climb – The old racetrack

Reading different groups and social media stuff is a part of our daily thing – as we do other thing absolutely normal.
And on one of those days I read about an old racetrack – a hillclimb racetrack. I loved the pikes peak races since years (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKnyCsMqkBo). So one of my dreams was to race on one of those tracks… OK this isn´t really about a race (wait whats coming up in couple of months :-)).
So I read about these old hillclimb racetrack. And I thought, what exactly is the point not to do it: There wasn´t one.
So I drove there and tried first to find it. That wasn´t to hard and so I stand there and wanted to start.

May you know these moments: the inner silence short before the storm breaks down. This was one of those moments. Breath deep, close your eyes, feel thr track, imagine what a great thrill of speed will it be… and be scared about the horn of the one behind you: This is public traffic, man!
So first gear, pedal down and know feel the car, the street and the agility (not the power) of your car. When you´re about to enter the first hard corner you feel, that driving fun isn´t about power or torque. Is all about agility and grip (or no grip :-)).
So eyes on the street, both hands are nicked around the steering wheel and a lot of adrenaline are pumping through your body… that is waht racing must be about.
I enjoyed it 🙂
Your thoughts? Where you ever on a racetrack?


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