Digital revolution or digital sell-out?

The future is bright and the future is full of exciting stuff.
All the cool things you can dream of, all the gadgets and the other things that will make you feel like the chief of all things. Everything on a finger tip – that is what you already get today. And tomorrow? You will get anything before you even think that you want it…
So and there is the problem: in the one part there is it your impulse for everything. In the other part you don´t need these impulse anymore because every algorithm knows you better as then you. And if you want something else – will you still get it?
For now it is a thing about online shopping, social media and things like that. You know that already, may you use it every day.
But in the future it is more than things will be delivered at home: it will be about your ways, about your parts to drive and your destinations. But what exactly is so interesting on it?
So lets have a look what kind of data that could be and if this is really worth something:
1) They will know in which car you will drive
2) They will know where you stop and if you leave the car
3) They will know which destinations and which POIs you are look and reching for
4) They will know how much and how long you drive (more highway or more backroads)
5) They will know who you´re calling with and how often (may they know what you´re talking about…)
6) And when you´re mirroring your smartphone with your car: can you exclude, that they will exchange all data?
7) What happens when you´re using the in-car internet-connection?
8) What data they can see and save with all the assistance systems (example: for not sleeping during drive) is absolute not transparent…
So and what are this data worth?
When I know what car you are driving (Van for family, SUV for older people and so on) and what places you are about to visit and where you are stopping I can recommend things: after a two hour highway drive you may like to drink a coffee: So I give you a 10% off with a code from inside the car. And another two hour laters, between 11am and 2pm I will give you a 15% off for a pizza in my restaurant in the near for one and another 15% off for the second person.
Are you driving often the same or nearly the same route? Then I give my commercial partners a go after you started with your car: So they can cook the coffee and prepare the pizza.
So what am I ready to pay for those datas? When you are working in a customer orientated company, you may know that more customers means more money to earn. And you can nearly exact calculate how much customers will come.
And when you are using the internet of things, will say “smart shoes” I can calculate when you need new shoes, and an hour before you pass my shoe store I will send you some radio stuff about health, walking and shoes. And fifteen minutes before you pass I will recommend you my store for very good shoes and I am sepcialised for healthy walking (of course). And when you hear, that you will get a 10% off: Would you try it?
And at least, the car manufacturer can plan with more business services, like maps or gasoline or coffee or something we are not able to think about… 🙂
So welcome this bright future and welcome the 10% cheaper coffee.


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