5 Things I love about my Toyota 86

Normally I hate those kind of lists. But I thought, for the love of the 86, there can be an exception. Lets count 🙂

5) Manual Gearbox

I just love the manual gearbox. It is so sharp it is so sporty and quick to shift through the gears. Just an exceptional masterpiece of driving expierence. And it is a clear statement against all those double-clutch and automatic systems.

4) Driftmonster

Yes this must a point in one of those lists: the 86 is an absolute drift monster. And because it is so easy to drift and so easy to have pure fun with it, this must be a point.
Of course no one drifts all day to work or on the highway, but sometimes, when there is an empty parking space… you know 🙂

3) Daily practicality

A really important point, even if not always mentioned. What is a car worth when you can´t take it to your holidays or it is not capable to be a mate on the way to a supermarket.
The 86 has a really good trunk and you can use the backseats (not for everybody…).

2) Rear-Wheel-Drive

I never thought, that this would be so important for me… but rear wheel drive is such a great thing. Not even that the car begins to push you out of the corners, it just feels more precise, more controllable and better to handle. That you can drift with it, is another story but only possible with it…

1) Agility

For me the most important thing of all: We drove a lot of cars. Down from 160bhp (Mazda MX5) over the 300bhp Golf R to the top powered Maserati GranCabrio and the Porsche 911 Targa GTS.
One thing makes me disappointing at all of these cars: the less agitily. Of course they have a lot of power… but they are not really agily. The 136bhp Lotus Elise was really agily… and the 86. I think the 86 is one of the most agily cars I ever driven.
How agily in the very first meters can you see here compared to nothing else than a 911 turbo S: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCIVF039eBA

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