What are you doing?

When you drive a car, there are some things they are fundamental different between countries.
The most known things is the unlimited german autobahn and the restrictive speed limits in the US.
But there are more things: How you drive the extrem long distances in Australia, what about mountain roads in Vietnam or highway driving in Japan?
Some kinds of driving needs your full attention: No one (hopefully) drive on a german autobahn 200kph / 150mph and is texting… or tries the maximum speed of his vehicel on the Vietnames mountain road.
But the question is, what about the “normal” drives. So journey on streets you know, with a speed that is acceptable?
Did you ever texted while you´re driving?
I do often look on the map of my navigation system to check out, where is the next twisty road? 🙂 And f course I do hear music – except while producing videos for our youtube-channel…

So what is your favorite thing to do while driving?

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