Ready to rumble?

I opened my eMail Account the other day. What I found was great: Jaguar wrote me, that they do have planned an racing event. And I was invited – when they still have free slots.

They hadn´t –  so I was disappointed.

Another day, I opened my mail account and was informed, that there are again free slots:
So I booked one 🙂

We drove the day of days up to the location we were told to come. The weather was rainy and a bit cold. So not the perfect weather for a day with a lot of horses:

So we drove the F-Type SVR. What a car, what a machine!!
Normally I am a fan of light cars with enough power and a very good handling. I like cars that I can drive like a sharp knife – not like a steel-hammer.

The SVR is different. The SVR is a game changer. Why? Because it is precise and very very fast. We drove it in the rain and it is a heavy car – the big V8 has weight. But it is still a car with a great handling. It is a strange combination between weight and good handling. And it is not about the great F-Type: The handling differences between the V6 and the V8 is enourmus.

We loved the SVR!

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