Hybrid as a race-accelerator

The hybrid systems are perfect for ecological drivers. Hybrid is the technologie for bridging the individual mobility into the next electrified generation. And it is the sign for the ending era of the fun-sportscars… what?

Hybrid is for us the only way to speed up modern cars. If the McLaren P1 or the LaFerrari could be as fast as they are without this hybrid systems?

We saw the new Acord NSX / Honda NSX with the V6 engine and the hybrid system. With three electric engines it is a really powerfull car. We were impressed how much power the car has and how good the combination of the traditional engines and the modern electrified engines is. Toyota is doing this very well since years – the other manufacturers are very close behind Toyota.

We try to get a chance to drive the new NSX – we all were very big fans of the older NSX 🙂

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