We always talk about horsepower, 0 to 60 times and a lot of premium and luxury things… “Do you have the ceramic brakes?” “Is that the last natural aspirated V10?” and so on…

I ´ve never been asked why I chose the orange color. Or if I want to change the rims against darker or brighter ones…

But I think design is a very main point of a car. Especially when you look around and every second car is grey and the very same model. So the road presence isn´t only about the loudness or how huge the car is. But it is about how it looks and if it have this specail thing what us make to look, to stare at it…

So colors, forms and a combination of the diffrence between what you expect and waht you get. I think thats the main point in Design of a car…

For me there is one car that looks so different: The new Mercedes coupes, the C, E and S Classes. I think the C class coupe is the very best looking of this three. It is a design sculpture with tires on it.

What is your opinio about it?


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