What makes a roadtrip to a good roadtrip?

When the weather is good an the events are brilliant – its road trip time!
So all of us are travelling around and try to catch some appointments or events.

There a several to-do videos on Youtube and somewhere else on the internet for packing the luggage, but there is no plan for packing the car.
So here it is the checklist:

  • Persons
    How many people are going with you on the roadtrip? That is important to be clear, what you can take with you and what not. There are different things to be aware of: Big things and to much stuff are not a good idea.
  • Luggage
    Try before you pack if you can transport those things. Nothing is more annoying as to repack everything because your trunk-space is less than you need for all the bags.
    Try to pack important / often used things on the top of it. So you can get them faster.
  • Distance
    It is important to plan if you need to fill up gas and where are the next gas stations. If you drive longer as you can between to meals you should plan to make a break. And long distance drives are a strange thing: Every technical component is on a very high pressure to work and if one of the fails you have a really big problem.

And last but not least there is the question, where to park at the detination. It depends how worth your car is to you (or all in all). And be aware of trees and other big things – they could be fall off to your car.

What else is important? Write it in the comment.

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