Premium or not?

A lot of cars are just regulare cars. When we see them on the streets no one thinks about it, there are just members of traffic.
Sometimes there are some exotic ones or very loud ones, then we recognizes a brand or a specific model of car. Sometimes a great color has the same effect. A lot of cars are not build to be seen or to be in the focus of others. So we have a lot of cars without any wish to be extraordinary.

But when you sit the first time in a car, then the most of us will have an opinion about the car. Is it luxury, is it worked with high quality?
But, may you know them, there are some dudes, they have to touch the surfaces to “feel” how the plastic or rubber is worked. Then they start to press it. What´s the next step? Lick it or smell on it? And after that, in the most of those surreal situations they say: Oh in my premium car, there is this rubber stuff more softed or the it has a more luxury finish…
In those moments I have to be very controlled to say something like “o really” “that´s good to know”…
And my most special friends are the “oh my dashboard is a leather one…”. They are ready to pay some grands extra for glow a piece of leather on the surface of the plastic dashboard… really?

So not that you misunderstand me, this is not about leather seats, with a much more greater comfort or about eletric windows or what ever. But putting a tag “premium” on a car and putting the price level some grand above the competitors, can´t be argued with a piece of leather on the dashboard or a softer plastic…

What do you think?


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