What about the important needs when you´re on the way?

Because you´re often on the way, that doesn´t mean, that you do not have really important needs. No I´m not talking about using bathrooms… but I´m talking about, how to eat, drink and enjoy your meal when you´re on the way.
Eating or drinking in the car is one thing (and a bit difficult…), enjoying it is even impossible while you´re driving.
So when you travel by car, you have to stop somewhere. The question is only: Where is it worth to stop? Eating in the highway motels or restaurants are in the most times not so enjoyable. And because you are somewhere, it isn´t easy to see or know where the good meals are hide… So I try to test my luck if I find the good, healthy and yummy meals.
But what´s about, when you´re on business travel. By plane it is no question: the food is bad 🙂
But in the train, there is another thing. On long distance trains there are almost a bord restaurant. I like to dring a beer or eat something there. Because you meet a lot of people and you can watch them thinking, talking, phoning or even eating… I transports a bit the street cafe feeling into a travelling or mobility aspect.

What was your most interessting food-experience while your on travel (and I don´t mean this sweet girl with the ice-cream)? 🙂


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