Mobility Workforce

A couple of weeks ago I was on the search for a new Notebook. My old one (a really great Toshiba Portege R830) has to be replaced (OK not really, but I wanted something with more power and less weight).
So I testet some Dells and Lenovos. No one fitted to my needs or my budget. The X1 carbon was very near but for my opinion to expensive for what I get.
The Zenbooks from Asus are great devices. Especially the versions without fan and the m7 in it. But I couldn´t test one. All the Acers and other brands are in my opinion not solid enough for my needs.
So I testet a Fujitsu, a great one and with included DVD drive. But this extrem noisy fan…
So I landed, again, finally at Toshibas devices. I thought about the Satellite Z30. A very interesseting package. But I wanted an i7 and a built in LTE/4G modem. So I bought a Portege Z30-C with an i7 and 16 GB of RAM 🙂
And what to say? It really rocks. In Eco mode there are damn long battery lifetimes possible and if you need it, the i7 has so much power. I tried it for videorendering: breathtaking fast.
The luxury package: Portege Z30-C
The budget package: Satellite Z30


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