Grip vs. Power – Part 2

When you own a sportscar then there are one question at the beginning of the ownership: how much power should the engine have? And if there is no manufacture option, will you use aftermarket options?

A regulare option is to buy the smaller engine and tune it with a new map or with tuning components like superchargers.

But normally every change will change the car balance as well. So this is not an option for everybody. And maximum power must not the goal, because it will not change the handling or the stability of the car.

The question must be, how good is the whole package and is it possible to put this on a new level by changing some components. So to do only one thing is in the most cases not a good idea. And if the package of things you want to change out of budget, then start with a smaller one. Important is not one of the components, important is the whole package. And the more you change the more it will cost and so harder it will be to get the perfect balance back…

I decided not to change much on my car: A car is such a complex collaboration of single parts, it is hard to let it tune the right way – not with one focus only.


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