Details – what is really important?

I´ve heard from interior fetishists entering a car and grabbig – first of all – everything from the interior and making comments about the quality and the surface feel.

And the second part of persons are those, who tries to get a very good view how good or bad (most of the time it means bad) the built quality of your car interior is.

And of course it is clear, that they have a car that is really, I mean really really, premium. And they mean it in they way of “not such a crap as your car”.

So the question is, what is really important and what are things to talk or to decide about. First of all it should be all about your possibility to drive tha car. The seats, the seating position, the steering wheel and everything around the drivers seat. Can you handle the air condition while you´re driving?

Second, I think, should be, how good the manufacturing quality is: That means, is there any rattle in the body or the interieur? Do you feel, that you would drift with your car, because you trust it so much?



And after all that (that is not all, but everything else is nothing without it) you should think about power, tires and the precesion of the car while you drive (so how sharp is the steering, how good is the dosage of the throttle control is.

And of course the third thing, and maybe the most emotional thing, is the design and the exterior of the car.

Do you agree? What is your most important thing about a car?

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