Hillclimbs from outer space

It is not a secret that we love hillclimbs. When there is an old hillclimb racetrack and we hear about it, we´re already on the way to drive it 🙂

So all the roadtrips we plan are even longer as necessary, because we are driving extra rounds to collect every (old) hillclimb.

There are two really great ones we drove:

The thrill driving against the hill, flipping your car around the corners, feel the g-forces, seeing how the car, the tires and the engine are working for your success.

And the click in the brain, when you realize, that you intuitive change the gears, that you have choosen the right gear for that one single corner and another right gear for the next and so on…

Be prepared, that your body will burn fat and your muscles have to be trained, because such a ride on the blade of a street isn´t boring.

Enjoy it!

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