Revitalize brands

In the last years a lot of old brands where revitalized and the manufacturer behind the brands are trying to replace them succesfully on the market. If this is Maybach, Alpine, Borgward or projects like an new independant brand like AMG or Polar.

A lot of those projects are based on the hope, that a popular brand name will give a kind of emotional band between the customer and the brand. Every brand stands for a promise: sportive drive, agile engines, luxury and convinience or comfort.

So when we take a look from a step backwards: This is the test, if they can break the range of expectations on one brand. So may you can distribute different emotional aspects with different brands. And you can polish the brands shining and rise the pricelevel.

This is a very different strategy to what Porsche have done in the last 10 to 15 years: They use the core of the brand, sportive cars, and expand it to SUVs as well as to limousine cars. And so you don´t have to explain, how an SUV with the weight of an elephant can be sportive.

But to put a positiv shine on it: with this new strategy we customers will get a big advantage: Different cars, different ideas what to do with the cars and so on.

Cars like the Alfa 4C, the Toyota GT86 or the AMG GT wouldn´t exist, when this kind of ideas have no room to grow.

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