Can you drive?

Of course, every one is such a good driver that all other are idiots out there in a car – aren´t we. And accidents are caussed by idiots – of course the other driver.

We can drive, so the logical consequence is, that we don´t make mistakes. And every mistake that´s done, is done by the other drivers…


No not really. No where else is the perspective such an egocentric one. We only see the way we want to drive. Every mistake – done active or by a mess – is faded out in that moment it happens… so in our memory: Everything is great and we are a very cool driver.

I had once an expierience to see myself driving from an dashcam in a car behind me: in some moments I thought, that couldn´t me. It is very good to see the own drving style from a objective perspective. And when you get a true feddback from others. Not everyone will be so brave to tell you the truth about your drving style 🙂 but maybe some will…

What can we do? I think there are different things. The first of all is to get a good sense for situations. You can´t drive like a hoon when there is a lot of traffic. But you can drive fast, when you know the trail you´re driving, when you know the car and when you exact know what you can do.

Helpfull is a drvinig expierence training or a drift training. And last but not least it is very important to have always an eye to the mate in the car in front of you, beside you and behind you 🙂

You must it – because you are the good drover 😉

Are you a good driver?

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