Big Data an the new GDPR / DSGVO

In Europe with the end of may you will be ruled by a new data protection law: The GDPR (or in german often called DSGVO).  This new Regulation for the handling and the using of data linked with personal information ist a very hard discussed one. Big internet companies are built on using the data of their users – others are in charge for the seinsibility of data. So it is hard to say, which way is objective the right or best one… But one thing is to say: when I gave someone my personald data, it or he/she has to used it by my rules. And that is something, what the data protection law may gurantee.

A lot of companies have changed their rules how to use data and who can use their services…

And what the hell is that about cars?

All new cars are using a satellite navigation extended by a mobile device supportet module: means that they want to know where the car is, how fast you´re driving and giving you the information about traffic jam and so on… so everyting fine? No – because they also know when your car is parked in front of a house – just one night a week or in what parking lot of a supermarket you´ve parked it. And of course they know that your car isn´t in the parking lot of the fitness club – but in front of the new electronic superstore 🙂

This all is funny or spooky but not critical. But what is critical about it?

Imagine they know how fast you where exactly before the crash or if the stability programm has to be activated before you crashed. And now think about,what the insurance will be ready to pay for this information, when they maybe can save billions. Or think about what happend when a car manufacturer will use such a feature to disable a car after a while to force you buying new ones – and you don´t even have a clou…


So as you can see there is a lot of stuff to think about. If you want to know more:


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