Adrenaline or the lag of impressions

A lot of people said to me, that the most impressive thing on cars are the accleration. They just love to put the pedal to the metal – espacially on the german autobahn: there are parts without speed limits.


And the look how fast a car is from 0-60mph or from 40-120mph and so on. And I always asked myself: Is that really impressive? Is that really the main thing? Do I move my car every day by giving it the 0-60mph dose? I am not sure…

I think there is a lag of impressions: Always the same kind of turbo-charged acceleration and run for the top speed isn´t so great. To be true it is boring as hell after a while. But was is it giving you adrenaline while you´re sitting in a car?


Isn´t it the feeling to be connect with it, to be part of the driving mechanisem, the knowledge to control every bit of the car – no matter how fast you are? And last but not least, isn´t it the big smile in your face when you realize this?

That the reason why cars like a Lotus, a 86 or a Mazda MX5 are so joyable to drive. The are accrue above the simple horespower and acceleration myth.

What do you think?

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